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The Team

The Aspects of Beauty Therapy Team

Here at the Aspects Of Beauty Salon we pride ourselves on have a wonderful staff team to engage with our customers.  we are a team of local girls who have studied our trade and apply our learning to create the best experience for our guests.

We are a very versatile team undertaking any treatments without actual specialisms in order to maximise our cflexibility for client bookings.  Please feel free to request your preferred therabist at the time of booking (there will be no offence taken, honestly).


So, our team are:


Myself Lucy Wilson:
I started at Aspects of Beauty on a college placement in 2004.  I loved the vibe in the salon & the interaction with customers.  I knew this was what I wanted to do and in 2008 I managed to buy the salon, allowing me then to put my own mark on the brand.


She won't mind me telling you this, she has been with Aspects Of Beauty from the very beginning and with almost 28 yrs of beauty therapy experience under her belt she offers great advice for both personal beauty as well as personal life matters!. Pat is such a sociable person & probably the main person you would talk to over the phone.


Becky joined Aspects Of Beauty in 2011 and also undertakes all the main treatments - although she just loves doing nails.